The University of British Columbia , Canada offers scholarship to provide financial help to thousand of diligent students all over the world and provides great excellence in undergraduate programs and further. For the year 2021-22 application for :-

1. Karen McKellin Leader of Tomorrow Awards- this is awarded to international students for their involvement in various student activities and demonstrating superior leadership qualities along with exceptional academic excellence and involved in community service.

Eligibility :- 1. Should be an international student and not a Canadian student or studying in Canada but should be permitted to study on Canadian student Permit (visa).

2.Should be an excellent student with quite exceptional academic results.

3. Should show a need for scholarship in absence of which study at UBC is not possible.

4. Eligible for an Undergraduate course.

How to apply:– 1. Apply at UBC for an undergraduate course.

2.Get transfer certificate from the previous school to respective university in the mean time.

3.UBC offers two choice program but International Leader of Tomorrow Award Nomination is made on the basis of first choice.

4. Earlier application is recommended for nomination consideration.

2. Donald A. Wehrung International Student Award:- it is awarded to students from poverty stricken or war zone area but showing exceptional academic excellence even under extreme pressure conditions.