Education has always been limited to books, as the world is evolving around us children and their hobbies have taken new shape. Children wish to explore their talent irrespective of any differentiation. Our society has always limited education to books and has always considered one’s literature knowledge as the real power, and well that is not completely false. But, world is changing and people need to realize that we need to prepare our kid’s for the future and just the imaginary world of books.

With this inspired concept Microsoft along with social district came up with the idea of sustainable and technology influenced initiative, to start “School of future” in Philadelphia. Very few children even in today’s world have access to free internet and know how to explore the world on a single click. But this school is making that sentence of the past. It has made it mandatory to come to school every day with laptop so that children could actually learn coding, how to work on different application and many such thing.

Microsoft has much such initiative such as “Office of future “and “Home of future”. This is done keeping children in their mind.

It was established in year 2006 and over the years has faced many financial issues, education attainment problems and many more but it is still running proves the will of the people and the company in promoting digital education to student. This school can serve as an example in near future for all the other schools, and can take up the slogan of “No to textbooks”.