With changing time the education is changing at a phenomenal rate in that list we come across the Informal ed. As we know that formal education is done on basis of curriculum whereas the informal is done out of conversation. It is done out of curriculum and thus has no set structure. It provides flexibility as the person learns according to his need and understanding which increases the learning capacity of the person also.

Formal education mostly consists of bookish knowledge and requires a lot of memory but according to business it has been found that most of the employees learn in 70-20-10 model which implies that around d 70% knowledge is derived from work experience, 20% from interaction with peers and the rest 10% from formal learning.

This way of learning not only keeps the learner engaged but also increases the knowledge simultaneously. Informal learning methods include:-

  1. Quizzes- as it refreshes all the formal concept and helps to retain the data.’
  2. Watching Videos- the visual content provides an interactive session.
  3. Team Activities- we learn more when we do something in groups and it also builds up our social network a lot.
  4. Games and Simulation- learning has no boundary of path and age, games might look simple but is one the best way to grasp something as brain is quite relaxed in that state.
  5. Self study- the most underrated but most influential way of learning is self study, because this is the time when you actually allow your brain to recall everything you have understood.