The Fulbright – Nehru fellowships offer the brightest minds of India and the US an opportunity to show their fullest potential as outstanding students, academic, or professional. The rigorous application process and interview will be the selection test for the Indian scholars. The fellowship offers student awards to individuals who wish to have a master’s degree in the US or wish to attend a US university as a visiting student researcher. The fellowship for scholars and teachers is awarded if the individual belonging to the group wishes to research in the US. University administrators can develop leadership and specialized skills through development programs. Let’s have a walk through the master’s fellowship offered under the Fulbright – Nehru fellowships.

 General Prerequisites

There is a  general prerequisites list to be fulfilled by the applicants. Some of the requirements are

Individual must be a responsible Indian citizen

He/she should not reside in India during the recruitment process

High proficiency in the English language

He/she should be able to adjust with us life

The individual must be eligible for leave if he/ she is employed

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Fulbright – Nehru master’s fellowship

This fellowship is offered to an Indian who wants to pursue a master’s degree in the selected US colleges and universities. Their area of study will be

  • Arts and Culture Management
  •  Economics
  •  Environmental Science or Studies
  •  Higher Education Administration
  •  International Affairs
  •  International Legal Studies
  •  Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Public Administration
  •  Public Health
  •  Urban and Regional Planning
  •  Women’s Studies or Gender Studies.

 Benefits of the fellowship

  • J-1 visa support;
  • Round-trip economy class air travel from individuals  home city to the host institution
  • There will be Funding for tuition and fees, living and related costs
  • There will be coverage for Accidents and sickness as per U.S. Government guidelines.

NOTE: There will be no financial support for dependents.

The USIEF funding may not cover all sorts of  costs

Eligibility criteria

  • Must complete an equivalent US degree with a percent of 55 from a recognized Indian university
  • A four-year bachelor’s degree or a completed master’s degree is a must criterion for the applicants.
  • If the duration of the degree is less than 4 years then a pg diploma from a recognized university is a necessity.
  • Individual must complete a three-year full time paid professional work in the field of study by the deadline
  • Should portray high leadership skills
  • Should not have a US degree enrolment
  • If employed,instructions regarding the employer’s endorsement should be carefully followed

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Content By : Mariasia Devassy