Talking about unusual schools we finally come across Finland Education System. It is not of great surprise that the education system in Finland is considered as one of the most advanced state of education. People and Government of Finland actually believe in overall development and nurturing a child even before the primary education is imparted to them

Children are given sufficient time to learn and grasp their own abilities and given space and time to grow at their own pace.  The education system of Finland is divided into many categories:-

  1. Early Childhood Education and Care- before compulsory education starts.
  2. Pre –Primary Education- Provided in the year preceding the beginning of compulsory education.
  3. Basic Education- The nine years of basic education which is comprehensive and compulsory.
  4. Upper Secondary Education- It is either general upper or vocational upper.
  5. Higher Education- It is provided by universities or applied sciences.
  6. Adult Education- which is available to all.

The most fascinating feature of Finland education system is that it is free for EU/EEU students and also student from Switzerland. They teach in three basic languages such as Swedish, English and Finnish. Equal time break for rest and refreshment is an integral part of their education system. Finland Education system puts a student’s overall development as its top most priority.