Introduction :

Education is one of the basic rights for every citizen of every country. Restricting someone from achieving education is a major crime and is not acceptable. Everyone needs to be educated in order to lead a successful in life ahead.

People of any age and at any time can endeavor to receive education. We live in a world where there is a need of educated people in order to raise standards of living. The world of education is wide, including not only learning algorithms, but also some social and practical aspect which is helpful in enhancing overall personality.

Since the onset of the pandemic the education of students is adversely affected and will take long to get in line. College students who were supposed to receive practical knowledge are not suffering with year gaps and lack of practical knowledge.

Around 30% of students worldwide are not able to receive education at all due to some major roadblocks. As per the studies, more than over a billion children are falling behind in terms of education, as a result to the COVID.

The world of education before COVID was competitive, and reasonable. Implementing education all around the world with limited resources during COVID is getting hard for educational authorities, as well as for teachers. Closure of schools all around the world in order to curb the virus is now hindering student’s normal life and their practical experience.

Education before COVID- 19:

  • Digital learning :

Before COVID 19 the practice of traditional method of teaching was in the place. However, some educational institutions considered digital learning as a great way to enhance learning among students and were often offered by them.

Teaching staff from international universities were supposed to introduce and integrate the digital learning platform with in person classes to enhance the learning experience with practical learning opportunities.

Before a pandemic, there was high demand of digital learning in the education industry. Schools and institutions initiated to adopt digital marketing with changing technology. Even before pandemic digital learning platforms like Byju’s and Unaccademy were rooting slowly along with the traditional methods of teaching.

  • Accessibility :

The accessibility of education to students was much better, smooth and easy pre-COVID. Especially for international universities who accept students all around the world, the students were supposed to stay at the campus and the learning resources were much easily accessible.

Students were supposed to travel from their homes to their school, which is located in physically. They do not have to consider the internet connection to study in schools. The world of education before COVID depended majorly on the presence of both students and teachers.

  • Student experience:

Students who moved to different countries far from their homes and parents are supposed to explore the word for better understanding, and for a fruitful experience. Pre COVID students were able to seek in person opportunities to enhance their skills as they were supposed to stay in their schools and campus.

The educational experience for students is enhanced basically with the relationship with their teachers. It was the teacher’s responsibility to make student explore practically and gain some knowledge. Before COVID , the education system was more depended on practical information.

  • Child care facilities to students :

The educating role of public schools is of high importance. Students who were not able to afford education facility of private schools were totally depended on the education facility of public schools.

While other facilities like library and sports ground, all was available to students, which let them to enhance their overall personality and skills required for the future.

In India, students in rural areas are encouraged to attend school daily with the mid day meals. They were supposed to go school, attend their classes, and enjoy their midday meals.

  • Mental health and education :

Student’s mental health was good and not hindered, as they do not have to worry about internet connection for digital learning. Traditional methods of learning always provided them with in-person interaction.

Some school authorities and universities even provide counseling faculty to their students in their campus which was helpful to maintain their well being.

The word of education before COVID for teachers was much more acceptable. Teachers were able to conduct engaging classes with children, and divide their time between administrative tasks and teaching. Not only students, but teachers also not have to gamble with different approaches to make student study before the pandemic.

Post By : Manali Kapadnis

(web developer)