Introduction :

The impact of pandemic COVID-19 is observed in every sector around the world. The education sectors in all over world are badly affected by this.

It has enforced the world wide lock down creating very bad effect on the students’ life. Around 32 crore learners stopped to move schools/colleges, all educational activities halted in India.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has advised us that change is inevitable. It has worked as a catalyst for the educational institutions to grow and opt for platforms and techniques , which have not been used before.

During Pandemic has caused the largest disruption of education in History having already had a near universal impact on learners and teachers form primary to secondary schools, technical and vocational education and training institutions, universities. By mid – April 2020 ,94 percent of learners worldwide were affect by pandemic

The education sector has been fighting to survive the crises with a different approach and digitising the challenges to wash away the threat of the pandemic.

This paper highlights some measures taken by Govt. of India to provide seamless education in the country.
Both the positive and negative impacts of COVID-19 are discussed and some fruitful suggestions are pointed to carry out educational activities during the pandemic situation.

  • Impact of school closure during Covid-19

  1. Rise in use of Learning Management Systems:

Use of learning management systems by educational institutions became a great demand.
It opened a great opportunity for the companies those have been developing and strengthening learning management systems for use educational institutions.

2. Loss of nutrition due to school closure:

Mid day meals is a school meal programme of the Government of India which is designed to provide better the nutritional food to school-age children nationwide.
The closure of schools has serious implications on the daily nutrition of students as the mid- day meal schemes have temporarily been shut.

3. Academic year Disrupted:

Examinations nursery school admission, Entrance test of various universities and competitive examination ,among other are heals COVID-19during periods this days no immediate solution to stop out break of.long term impact on school and collages because of COVID-19.

4. Increased pressure on schools and school systems that remain open:

Localized school closures place burdens on schools as governments and parents alike redirect children to schools that remain open.

  • Education System Distributed by this Pandemic:

  1. AS a COVID-19 Pandemic unfolded this year a range of unprecedented social isolation and safety measure barely any aspect of daily life was left unaffected.
  1. One area which has certainly seen considerable changes are result of COVID-19 is the education Sector.
  1. During the Pandemic Situation ,Education has Changed totally with the distinctive increase of e-learning. Teaching is undertaken on digital platforms.
  1. In COVID -19 Pandemic situation learning platforms very much Popular and growth impact online learning market.
  1. The pandemic has Significantly distributed the education sector as well , which is a critical determinant of countries economic feature

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