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With the editions of our fortnightly magazine, we bring to you an issue centred around Redefining Education, an exploration of systems of instruction across the globe. Education in this day and age is more than merely imparting bookish knowledge. In the 21st century, it is more of a necessity to revolutionize education to bring about social change. The quality of education imparted has always been a benchmark of societal development.

Our aim at WIN Global Education has always been to “focus on the empowerment of women through education. We provide a platform on which pupils can develop their potential and contribute to society.” One of the ventures that was in line with this philosophy was the formation of an E Magazine on education.


Not only does this edition talk about diverse aspects of education around the globe, but also drives home the importance of holistic education. That being said, we hope this edition of the magazine will entertain and inform you about the gaps that need to be filled in modern education systems and the steps being taken in that direction.



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