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What does Data Repository means?

A data repository is a storage space for researchers to deposit data sets associated with their research. There is value to storing and analyzing data. Data should be submitted to discipline-specific, community-recognized repositories where possible.

A repository is an online database that allows research data to be preserved across time and helps others find it. However, using data repositories as part of data management is another level of investment that can improve business decisions.

Our Researches and Area of Interests

What is Autism?

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Article 19

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Internet of things( IoT)

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Data Repository: Types, Importance, Challenges, and Best Practices

Data Warehouse

A data warehouse is a large central data repository that brings together data from several sources or business segments. 

Data Lake

A data lake is a unified data repository that allows you to store structured, semi-structured, and unstructured enterprise data at any scale. 

Data Mart

A data mart is a subject-oriented data repository that’s often a segregated section of a data warehouse.

Big Data

Women and Education

Since women who are exposed to education would be capable of making better choices, instructing young ladies could potentially save lives and fabricates more grounded families, social networks, and economies.

How has E-learning Changed the way of Learning?

The significant change impacted all those who engaged within the system. Schools had to pull up their socks to adapt to a new system of learning, teachers had to experiment with pedagogical techniques to hold children’s attention and the students themselves had to pull themselves through it all with a brand-new medium.

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