Computer assisted introduction a program presented by means of computer system

The use of computer has stated from 1970s and has become widespread from primary to university
level of education

Computer aided instructions is a narrow term and refers to drills, practice tutorials activities offered
either by themselves or as complement to traditional

CAI system can be categorized based on who controls the progression of lessons, as earlier systems were linear of information and control was guided by the author of software With the advent of cheaper and more powerful personal use of computers in 1980s use of CAI increased dramatically

CAI tools such as word processors database collect organize and analyze and transmit information
along with Communication

Although its difficult to assist the effectiveness of any educational system studies have shown that
CAI is successful in raising examination score improving students’ attitude and lowering the amount
of time required to master certain material

Post BY: Manali Bhaskar Kapadnis

(web developer)