• Introduction :

CAI is stands for Computer Aided Instruction

CAI is an interactive instructional technique whereby a computer is used to present the instructional material and monitor the learning that takes place. CAI uses a combination of text, graphics, sound and video in enhancing the learning process.

Students are more interested in CAI than in traditional methods of teaching because of privacy and readily available feedback provided by the machine.

It allows students to have an active role in the teaching and learning process. It provides teachers with more options to teach and more time to evaluate progress of activities. It prevents barrier such as when, where, and limited resources, also includes online courses and supplemental course materials used in colleges, home schooling and distance learning.

CAI has been used to teach nurses a variety of topics, such as obstetrics, pharmacology, and post- operative nursing care. The programs have been implemented in colleges, universities, and hospitals to provide basic, inservice, and continuing education.

CAI Increase during Pandemic :

CAI makes classroom learning interesting and effective, self-learning easy and successful and lifelong learning possible for all. CAI has great potential for improving the process of teaching and learning. It makes learning a joyful experience.

CAI is respond to immediate feedback,the immediate feedback provide by interactive terminal keep students interacting and eager to keep trying.also respond to active participation even weaker students are obliged to participate actively.

Effect of CAI :

use of CAI in teaching and their integration in the classroom and in the teaching training institute has remained almost completely unexplored.

The use of new techniques that involve two way student-teacher interaction, student-student interaction gradually replacing the one-way information.

CAI is necessary a very encouraging response of the Students and teachers It act as a powerful device to Promote active Learning and open new learning approaches.

CAI is better than Other Learning app :

By using CAI in classroom which enhances learning by adding graphics, drawings and audio in teaching.

It provides more freedom to teacher and student and freedom to make mistake without the fear of personal embarrassment.
It makes classroom learning interesting and effective, self-learning easy and successful and lifelong learning possible for all

It can be arranged for Number of Students Simultaneously . it makes Provide with the problem of quality and quantity in education.

People involve in CAI :

Because It is used a combination of text ,graphics ,sound and video in enhancing the learning process.
CAI mainly used teaching statistics mathematical statistics bio statistics ,social statistics , Business statistics
We Learn at his own pace, receives immediate and personalized feedback

Determination of CAI :

CAI provides greater opportunities for the students to develop creativity. It is better than the conventional method of learning. It brings a new kind of experience for the students , It is Specific Software Programs on computers in the Classroom.

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